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Support for noise study in the area of the new elementary school in the municipality of Grosuplje

Grosuplje is planning a significant investment, i.e. construction of an elementary school’s a new branch located in the village of Polica. The location of the school selected enables access, enlargements, transport connections and connection to water and sewerage networks. Due to the nearby motorway, the chosen location required a thorough adequacy analysis. Therefore, the Grosuplje municipality has among other commissioned a study to assess noise pollution from traffic on the A2 highway for the area of the new elementary school Polica branch.

For the purposes of the noise pollution study, the PNZ d.o.o. design studio produced acoustic model for the area extending at least 300 m from the noise source and about a mile on the route between Višnja Gora and Grosuplje. More bases were needed to produce the acoustic model, among which morphological characteristics of the whole area were particularly important. These were realistically extracted by the Geavis Company using a digital relief model (DMR) gained through advanced processing of aerial photographs. The DMR of a raster of 1m provided basis for various noise maps obtained through analysis of noise propagation. These, in turn, were based on measurements of noise conducted at characteristic points in different periods.

Technical specifications
  • Location: A2 Motorway, Ivančna Gorica – Grosuplje section, Slovenia
  • Area size: 185 ha
  • Number of images: 910
  • Average GSD: 3.7 cm
  • Aerial photo resolution: 3.7 cm/px
  • Number of ground control points: 11 (GNSS RTK survey)
  • Number of 3D points: 20,600,000
  • Classification of terrain points: automatic and manual