Governmental Institutions
and Public Sector

State and municipal institutions use aerial imagery for multiple purposes, including management of infrastructure (transport, energy, utility, water, telecommunications, etc.), control of land use, spatial interventions, development of cities and settlements, security and control. Bringing more comprehensive information to facilitate decision-making, aerial view opens up new spatial perspectives and allows significant savings in time and money. With our georeferenced aerial pictures, we ensure a homogeneous and complete image mosaic, which can be complemented with further vector and raster information.

Geavis brings significant improvement in:

  • real estate management
  • spatial situation recording
  • urban planning and development
  • infrastructure management
  • landscape modelling
  • locating and monitoring of disasters, damage assessing
  • simulations of landslides, erosion, floods, sun exposure, etc.
  • environmental planning and monitoring
  • archaeological mapping
  • management of cultural heritage
  • security and surveillance