With advanced aerial photography, processing and geo-spatial analysis technologies, Geavis facilitates your spatial situation documenting, land management and infrastructure as well as planning  of your interventions in space. Our mission is to create a useful spatial information and enable numerous economies and individuals to make use of it.

From pure data to the answers your business decisions may base on

We assist you with geospatial information to be used for your decisions and processes relevant for your business. Our approach is tailored to your needs. We first thoroughly consider the choice of appropriate spatial research technology and design to optimize the quality of the data. Then we transform pixels and dots into meaningful analytical values adapted on the questions to which the answers you are looking for. Helping you visualise, interpret and exchange spatial data, we provide you a quick and cost effective insight so you can better understand your spatial situation, real estate or infrastructure.

Beyond Pixels and Points

In our world full of sensors, we use both the tools and our expertise to convert huge amounts of geospatial data into the answers relevant for your business. In doing so, we help you better cope with and manage the resources, better plan your investments and reduce risks.

Partnership Rather Than a Project

We start by understanding your business objectives. We never stop before achieving the maximum value from your geospatial data. Being dedicated to satisfy our customers we build long-term partnerships with our clients.

Proven Performance

Our references range from highly complex, multi-stage projects to quick tasks that require immediate mobilization. Always focused on achieving the best possible results, we have surveyed and mapped numerous inaccessible and wild terrains, long and twisted corridors.

Quality in Precision

We believe the process to be as important as the final result. We never make compromises on quality. Our robust quality control measures ranging from the design of measurement and data collection all to the automatic processing and data accuracy verification.