Quarries and Open Mines

Many of the problems faced by experts in the field of excavation in quarries and gravel pits can be solved by using the data obtained from aerial photographs. This approach provides you with high-quality spatial information reducing the need for field work; thus, the results are faster obtained and the costs reduced. Ground surveying measurements are traditional techniques that until recently took several days or weeks, but can now be done in just a few hours. The fast running procedure in no way interferes with work processes in a quarry, and causes no interruptions. Moreover, periodic aerial photography allows monitoring and documenting the changes occurring in your area. The data obtained are then compared with the previous situation, bringing you tangible benefits in planning capacities, monitoring your inventory, or arranging and revegetating the abandoned quarries etc.

Geavis brings significant improvement in:

  • arranging of pits and landfills
  • measuring and arranging of the accumulated material
  • stability surfaces control
  • mapping in steep and inaccessible slopes
  • generating of plans of land areas and perspectives
  • exploration of mining sites
  • calculation of resources
  • corridors and border control
  • optimization of surfaces of freight routes
  • measuring of inventories
  • updating of data related on the areas and volumes for planning of further excavations
  • planning of new mining sites
  • detecting of changes
  • 3D measurements and geophysical terrain models