Mapping and Land Surveying

There are many reasons why drones have become such an effective surveying tool. First of all, their use significantly reduces the time necessary to obtain accurate data. With our georeferenced digital high-resolution aerial photography, we collect millions of data points in a single short flight over the terrain. Such a rapid data retrieving enables us to more substantially perform advanced processing and analysis of the data. By saving the time once required for field work, the results now come faster and at lower costs. And, last but not least, the risks faced by the ground surveying teams working in dangerous conditions and hard to reach places, sometimes including steep or unstable areas or caves, are significantly reduced. Simply choose the take-off and the landing place located out of the danger zone, while everything else is done by our drone.

Geavis brings significant improvement in:

  • cartography
  • terrain analyses
  • geographic information systems
  • remote sensing and photogrammetry