Agriculture and Forestry

Obtaining the data on agricultural areas through high-resolution aero shooting is quickly gaining ground in agriculture and forestry, since the aerial images are an up to date and objective document that contains all the essential information on the area object of your study. Namely, by using our drones, we can guarantee access to the real-time information concerning your growing conditions, growth rate and plant health, all allowing a timely and appropriate response to the actual situation in the field. Especially in agriculture and forestry, red and infrared colour recording is an effective technique for early detection of plant diseases and identification of soil moisture.

As an operational approach, it is safe and fast even at cloudy weather and when the places in question are difficult to reach. This approach reduces the need for field work, delivers faster results and reduces costs. The fast running procedure in no way interferes with work processes in fields, and causes no interruption. What not such a long time ago took several days can now be done in just a few hours. Providing sufficient quality information for an inspection of agricultural or forest land or a vegetation analysis, aerial photographs enable rapid diagnosis and timely decision for further action. Even more. Through systematic and repeated aerial survey, changes in cultures are quickly detected. So the extent and degree of damage to the plant can be determined to allow for a timely prevention of damage.

Geavis brings significant improvement in:

  • monitoring of plant health, detection of structural, chlorophyll and water loads
  • plants counting and statistics
  • monitoring of herds
  • detecting of samples, state of machines, weeds, plants, erosion, etc.
  • controlling of erosion, planning of drainage and irrigation systems
  • planning of land and valuations