Industry and Infrastructure

Regular inspection of industrial and infrastructural facilities not only provides opportunity to gain invaluable information on the state of material resources, but also effectively supports critical decision making on operation and maintenance. By using drones, human teams no longer need to enter inaccessible and dangerous zones, such as working areas at heights, slippery slopes, zones of smoke, etc. Now say goodbye to ladders, scaffolds and expensive motorised lifts. Your objects can be easily monitored from the aerial photographs, videos and infrared images of high definition, which provide every detail of the object clearly visible.

Geavis brings significant improvement in:

  • external inspection of buildings, their façades and roofs
  • construction inspection and detection of defects (cracks, etc.)
  • monitoring of bridges, pipelines, wind farms, chimneys and other critical facilities
  • monitoring of electrical networks
  • energy analysis and detection of errors due to improper heating or cooling
  • assessment of stocks